Machine Vision

Machine Vision enables automation of processes quality control, sorting and positioning. Improves production cycles and reduce costs.

Our machine vision department is dedicated to research and development in computer vision, in order to provide solutions to a new set of problems arising due to the increased level of automation of manufacturing processes and quality control.

Thanks to our extensive experience in machine vision and technological improvement that has been introduced in recent years, today we are able to provide solutions to optimize the industrial competitiveness of our customers.


  • Detection of presence / absence of objects or parts of itself

  • Symbols recognition

  • Reading OCR / DMC / barcodes

  • Positioning components in 2D and 3D

  • Measurement precision without contact

  • Colorimetry

  • Inspection of surfaces and contours parts


  • Detection of tin in solder terminals for automotive

  • Control of eccentricity in shoe cleaning sponges. Plastic industry

  • Search for cracks in glass. Glass industry

  • Search dots or stripes, with linear camera in plastic displays. Plastic Injection Industry

  • Reading OCR using neural networks, for generic use

  • Label verification, liquid level in bottle cap. Food processing and packaging

  • Reading DMC codes for metal industry