Process Control


MES Systems include different software applications to improve the productivity of a company, giving visibility and transparency in the production area. The MES Systems are characterized by obtaining production information in real time to improve productive capacity in all possible ways.

LOGI is specialized in analysis and concrete studies of each case in order to implement the best solution based on the specific needs of each company.


Wonderware has a single and scalable platform based on ArchestrA technology, which allows obtain all the needs of industrial automation information related to SCADA, HMI and MES solutions.

ArchestrA object technology enables a quick and easy setup, data logging, register and maintenance of historical information and all in real time. Increases operational efficiency in automated environments, gain profitability and communicate the production management environments with enterprise management systems.

LOGI has developed various applications in industrial and pharmaceutical areas successfully using the System Platform solution providing scalability to different production lines of the same company.


In cases where the needs of a company are not implemented in standard applications, LOGI has extensive experience in developing custom applications that wrap the required specifications and features.